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Cut him some slack, it was a really hectic first six days of creation there. You can't expect Jehovah to have gotten every last detail right, forming a more perfect wang and all. And what kind of a Supreme Lord would he be if he spent all of his quality creative time sprucing up your privates? He had bigger fish to fry. Like...making fish. And perfecting frying techniques.

Oops. I said Jehovah.

Go Stillers.

Jonathan Barnes

I'm really liking your Leviticus series.
Thanks for making me laugh.


I think the 33 days is just a trick to keep daddy from getting too friendly once things are back in action.


this is just wonderful!
i had no idea i should be ringing a bell and chanting, "unclean, unclean!" thank you kind sir.

god, i'm still laughing!

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